We believe in the power of the Word of God to transform lives at First Assembly, and we also recognize that growth does not happen without accountability. So we are asking you to join us in doing 15 minutes of devotions at least 5 days per week. We believe as transformation happens in each one of us, God will impact those we encounter every day, and, together, we can see the fullness of the power of God in our services and all of our ministries throughout the week. Together, as we Pursue God, we can transform our city!

To join us and register for 15in5, please text the word DEVO to 325.899.4100. Then every Monday by noon, just text DEVO to the same number if you completed a minimum of 5 days of at least 15 minutes of devotions for that week. Thank you so much for believing in the vision of First Assembly and for partnering with us to Pursue God and transform our city!

Pastor Keith